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A brand new era of Technology and Entertainment. Interactive VR has been taking shape for some time, and its only now in the later part of 2017 we see an emergence in interest from the Tech consumer and Tech savvy. which has seen a major shift in the market. We are seeing more and more households becoming entertainment hubs, with all the pickings, from Handheld Gaming and Social Communications to Smart TVs and Streaming right through to fully equipped Gaming or 3D Video Rendering PC Rigs, and now Virtual Reality (VR).

VR – Where you can immerse yourself into all of the above and in-between. Not only can you communicate, you can interact in a way that is almost physical as well. just by putting on the VR Glasses you are instantly taken off in to another world, like no other. in this Virtual world, you are free to discover new and exciting developments.
Like taking part in the more serious – University Lectures and Educational Classes, Relaxation Classes, Mental Health Treatment, Coordination and Brain Stimulation
Or more simply take a fully interactive 360 degree virtual tour of a Holiday Villa on the cliff sides of Greece or visit the Colosseum in Rome, maybe take a stroll at night time through Central Park NY, or take walk through your favourite brewery, a car manufacturers factory or even a potential new house.
VR is also currently being used more and more by some major media outlets where they can stream live in 360 degrees via YouTube, letting you experience the latest news just by turning your head.
Imagine taking part in your children’s kindy class or be right there fully immersed with her when she takes her mark at her winning championship race.
To the less serious Gaming and Entertainment, new VR games are popping up everyday, and a new way of watching movies is on the horizon as well. Immersion in gaming is fundamental to any game developer, and VR gives the game developers and content creators a completely new way of immersing their consumers into their wonder worlds and battlefields.

So what do you need to get started in VR at home.


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